Race Rules

  1. 1. Entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.
  3. 2. Birds to be a Minimum of 25 – 35 days old.  *Birds accepted from 1st March 2023 – 5th April 2023. 
  5. 3. All pigeons must be rung with an officially recognised 2023 rings. 
  6. £500 for a Team of 3 pigeons and all the 3 pigeons will be Activated. Entry Fee will be £200 per pigeon for single entries.
  8. 4. A none refundable deposit of £50 is required per team of three pigeons or one single entry.
  10. 5. There is no limit on entires to the race.
  12. 6. All 6 races (which includes the final race) will close at sunset on day two after liberation. 
  14. 7. The stated Prize Money for the 5 x HOT SPOT RACES and the FINAL RACE is based on us getting 1000 pigeons in the Race Loft. In the event of us surpassing more than 1000 pigeons into the race  then the Prize Money will be adjusted accordingly raised. 
  16. 8. All pigeons that are entered must be vaccinated against PMV before delivery to the Race Loft. Vaccination sheets must be sent with the pigeons when entering the race. Birds will be given a PMV booster vaccine upon entering the loft and isolated when entering the loft. 
  18. 9. Replacement pigeons only will be accepted within 14 days of your entry coming into the loft if required.
  20. 10. All pigeons must be in the Race Loft by 5th April 2023.
  22. 11. A pedigree must be sent for each pigeon entered into the race within 2 weeks of the birds being accepted  into the race loft. Failure to comply with this rule will ultimately result in disqualification from the race.
  24. 12. A contact number must be provided with your entries on the day the pigeons are accepted into the race.
  26. 13. Your complete Official entry form must be delivered with your pigeons
  28. 14. Transfer of the pigeons into the race owner name is the responsibility of the entrant to complete. Using online transfer of paper system. The transfer details for online transfers are: SULLIVAN BROTHERS (RPRA Code Number is SO3733) 
  30. 15. Failure to transfer the pigeons into the SULLIVAN BROTHERS name will find the owner will be responsible for the transfer of any pigeon lost in training or races conducted by the British Masters One Loft Race.
  32. 16. A copy of the OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM must be posted or emailed to so we can log your entries into the computer database within 4 days of receipt of the pigeons into the race loft. 
  34. 17. The management of the British Masters One Loft Race reserve the right to train, school and educate all entries to reach their full DNA potential to enable them to compete in all hotspot races and the grand final , fairly and equally. 
  36. 18. In all the 5 x HOT SPOT RACES and the FINAL RACE all the pigeons that are fit enough that were entered into the BRITISH MASTERS INTERNATIONAL ONE LOFT RACE will be race marked, then convoyed and liberated weather permitting at the selected race point.
  38. 19. All the pigeons entered in the BRITISH MASTERS INTERNATIONAL ONE LOFT RACE that are deemed fit by the race organisers will be competing for all the TROPHIES and PRIZE MONEY. 
  39. LIVESTREAM will be up and running for all 5 x HOTSPOT RACE SERIES and the FINAL RACE.
  41. 20. OFFICIAL POOLS & NOMINATIONS will be allowed in all the 5 x RACE SERIES and the FINAL RACE. (You will be able to download a copy of these OFFICIAL POOLS & NOMINATIONS ENTRY FORMS by logging onto our dedicated website.)
  43. 21. 10% of all POOLS/NOMINATIONS will be deducted for administration costs.
  45. 22. All these OFFICIAL POOLS & NOMINATIONS ENTRY FORMS must be received with full payment by 7am, the morning of the race/liberation in question. Late entries will not be accepted.
  47. 23. All races will be flown under and governed by RPRA Rules.
  49. 24. Any person/s that are currently banned or suspended from the ROYAL PIGEON RACING ASSOCIATION or any pigeon organisation in the world, will not be allowed to enter any pigeons into the BRITISH MASTERS INTERNATIONAL ONE LOFT RACE.
  51. 25. All final pigeons will be auctioned and the money raised for each pigeon will then be split 50/50% (less photography, advertising and auction expenses).
  53. 26. Pigeons can be delivered personally by hand or by a Pigeon Courier. (If pigeons are to be delivered by hand, then please contact us, so they know what day and time you will be arriving with your pigeons.)
  55. 27. We reserve the right to update these rules at any time. Any updates will be added to with the date updated.

V1 2023 – Last updated 20th October 11:30AM