Race Rules

1. Entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.


2. So we strongly recommend you get your entries booked in as soon as possible to save any disappointment.


3. Birds to be a Minimum of 35 days old.  *Birds accepted from 14th February 2022 until 17th April 2022.


4. All pigeons must be rung with an officially recognised 2022 ring.


5. Entry Fee will be £500 for a Team of 3 pigeons and all the 3 pigeons will be Activated.


6. Your race entries will be confirmed when you pay a minimum of £50 deposit.


7. The deposit is Non-Refundable for each team of 3 pigeons that you want to enter. This payment will then guarantee your places.


8. All 6 races will close at sunset on day two after liberation. 


9. The stated Prize Money for the 6 x HOT SPOT RACES and the FINAL RACE is guaranteed on us getting 1500 pigeons in the Race Loft. Iff we do not reach this target then the Prize Money will be adjusted accordingly and will be stipulated before the start of each race.


10. There is no limit on entries into the race. 


11. All pigeons that are entered must be vaccinated against PMV 8/10 days before delivery to the Race Loft. (This will then give them instant cover when they are put into the Race Loft.)


12. Pigeons will be accepted into the Race Loft from 14th February 2022.


13. All pigeons must be in the Race Loft by 17th April 2022.


14. Pigeons can be delivered personally by hand or by a Pigeon Courier. (Preferably WALKERS TRANSPORT). (If pigeons are to be delivered by hand, then please contact Lee Sullivan or Ian Sullivan, so they know what day and time you will be arriving with your pigeons.)


15. Replacement pigeons will be accepted at the Race Loft up to Sunday 17th April 2022.


16. Your completed OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM, accompanied by a TRANSFER FORM must be delivered with the pigeons.


17. A copy of the OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM must be posted or emailed to Ian Snaith at so he can log your entries into the computer database.


18. All the pigeons will be put onto The Darkness System.


19. The Race Organisers will give all the pigeons in the Race Loft lots of training tosses on the line of flight, plus they may also be given some CLUB RACES so that they have the experience they will need to compete in the 6 pre final races and the final race. 


20. All pigeons will be trained separately by individual baskets. This training will be done prior to all money races. All money races will have the pigeons released together. 


21. All pigeons will be transferred and be the property SULLIVAN BROTHERS (RPRA Code Number is SO3733) but all the pigeons will be raced under your own name or a syndicate name, whichever you prefer.


22. If you would like you to name your pigeons, please do so on the OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM when your pigeons are delivered to the Race Loft.


23. In all the 6 x HOT SPOT RACES and the FINAL RACE all the pigeons that are fit enough that were entered into the BRITISH MASTERS INTERNATIONAL ONE LOFT RACE will be race marked, then convoyed and liberated weather permitting at the selected race point.


24. All the pigeons entered in the BRITISH MASTERS INTERNATIONAL ONE LOFT RACE pigeons will be competing for all the TROPHIES and PRIZE MONEY. 


25. All the 6 x RACES and the FINAL RACE liberations will be filmed and be available for all entrants to watch.


26. LIVESTREAM will be up and running for all the TRAINING TOSSES, CLUB RACES, 6 x RACE SERIES and the FINAL RACE.


27. OFFICIAL POOLS & NOMINATIONS will be allowed in all the 6 x RACE SERIES and the FINAL RACE. (You will be able to download a copy of these OFFICIAL POOLS & NOMINATIONS ENTRY FORMS by logging onto our dedicated website.)


28. All these OFFICIAL POOLS & NOMINATIONS ENTRY FORMS must be received with full payment by 7am, the morning of the race/liberation in question. Late entries will not be accepted.


29. 10% of all POOLS/NOMINATIONS will be deducted for administration costs.


30. All races will be flown under and governed by RPRA Rules.


31. Any person/s that are currently banned or suspended from the ROYAL PIGEON RACING ASSOCIATION or any pigeon organisation in the world, will not be allowed to enter any pigeons into the BRITISH MASTERS INTERNATIONAL ONE LOFT RACE.


32. Pedigrees must be supplied for all the pigeons that home from the FINAL RACE. If these are not supplied to the Race Organisers immediately after the FINAL RACE, then the owners will not be liable to collect the 50% (less expenses).


33. After the FINAL RACE all the pigeons in the Race Loft will be professionally photographed after they have moulted and then they will be auctioned online.


34. All final pigeons will be auctioned and the money raised for each pigeon will then be split 50/50% (less photography, advertising and auction expenses). The amount then left  will be sent out to the person/s who actually paid for the pigeon/s to be officially entered into the race series.