Race Information

The British Masters is going to be even Better Bigger in 2023!

The fantastic Race Loft is situated in the picturesque South Downs countryside, a few miles outside Brighton on the South Coast.



It is 90 feet long, tiled apex roof and has a 9 feet wide aviary the full length, the total width of the loft is 37 feet.  



There is also a massive 45 feet x 10 feet aviary with heavy duty wire added to the end of the race loft. 



You pigeons have a total of 3,780 square feet of space to enjoy. 



Each of the eight sections are fitted out with state of the art Electronic Roller Blinds, so that all the pigeons will be raced on The Darkness System.



All the section floors and corridor floors have been fitted with high quality alter floor covering, which is the same flooring material used in hospitals. This will make cleaning out and the cleanliness of your pigeons exceptional. 



All sections in the race loft have been fitted with state of the art wooden individual box perched with a wire grill floor to allow the dropping to go through onto a tray underneath. 



Your pigeons will be transported in a state of the art pigeon transporter with automatic watering system. 



Your pigeons are the best cared for here at the British Masters International One Loft Race. 

(NOTE: We are currently making even more improvements to the loft for 2023! We will be showing more details as we get the work done.)