We are pleased to announce our first British Masters competition for the 2022 race.

Register before 9pm on the 31st January 2022 to be automatically entered into the draw.

For every 3 bird team you enter you get one FREE TICKET to our prize draw.


Free 3 bird team into 2022 race


Free 2 bird entry into 2022 race


Free 1 bird entry into 2022 race

Register now to get automatic free entry into this prize draw.

Once you have entered and paid minimum deposit per team you are automatically entered into this prize draw. All you have to do is get your entries submitted by 9pm on the 31st January 2022. We will be making the live prize draw on the 1st February 2022.



This is your chance to win extra free entries into the race for 2022. 



PLEASE NOTE: If you have already entered the race for 2022 prior to the announcement of this competition you are automatically entered into this free competition.

Terms & Conditions

To be entered in to the prize draw you must have either paid your deposit of £50 per 3 bird team or paid in full. 



All entries will be put into a random online generator and the prize will be drawn on 1st February 2022.