We are proud to welcome Maurice O'donnell to the 2022 British Masters International One Loft Race!

For those people who know one loft racing Maurice O’donnell needs no introduction. 



As one of the most consistent and long running competitor of international one loft races Maurice has made a name for himself globally in the sport. 



We at the British Masters are very pleased to announce that Maurice will be entering teams into 2022’s race. 



Maurice has chosen the British Masters is the only UK based race he will be entering in 2022 and we are very happy to welcome him. 

Maurice is the breeder of the now famous “Miss Maurice” winner of the SAMDPR 2020 Knock Out Winner. 


The best pigeon over 5 hotspots and the final race. Miss Maurice won over $47,500. 


Miss Maurice was brought by Mike Ganus of Ganus Family Lofts

Maurice Marple 272. Is Maurice O’donnels new acquisition. 


His father is Marple, winner of Victoria Fall OLR 387 miles, with a 54 minute lead. 


Mother is Miss Maurice, Knock Out winner SAMDPR

This is an interview Maurice did with Richie Elliot in the Algarve in 2019 talking about his OLR career and consistency.

We welcome Maurice and the many other competitors to the 2022 race in which entrants will be competing for 7 weekends of prize money with prize money never seen before in the UK.

The British Masters International One Loft Race.